Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Highnote is a part open-air restaurant on 100ft road of Indiranagar.

I and my husband were having some nice paani puris at a road side place last Thursday when some of our friends called to meet up. We had just come back from office, were really tired and the idea of having a couple of drinks did not sound so bad.

We left for Indiranagar. The traffic was bad. It took us about an hour to go from HSR Layout to Indiranagar, but when we reached the place...

At the first glance, you will see nicely done interiors, dim lights, open space, lots of plants. At a second glance, you will however realise that the place is too cramped up. They have put too many tables in a small place. The table in front of the bar (yes an ordinary sort of a bar) is so close to it that you cannot put chairs in front of each other - So people can sit in one direction only, looking at the bar.

We reached there early (!) and while waiting ordered some drinks. We were quite stuffed with the chaat so we did not care for any snacks. I got myself a lime margarita and my husband ordered for some whisky. The margarita which costed Rs 275 was amazingly strong for that rate and I enjoyed it.

After some time, our friends started pouring in one by one. We were ten of us by late evening and the drinks and snacks were ordered non-stop. One thing that I noticed was that my margaritas became lighter and lighter which was not very nice. Also, once there was some green stuff in my drink. The bartender said it is open air and something might have fallen from somewhere (but I know it was not the case). He did replace my drink though.

We got quite late and ordered food at around 11.30, which was very nice as they were still taking orders (though they had switched off all the lights for some reason). Maybe the new 1 AM deadline extension has already begun or....

I was not too hungry so I cannot comment on the Thai food that came for dinner. The bill came out to be around 12k.

We did have a small parking issue with the valet. We lost the valet coupon and the bugger was actualy trying to imply that we were thieves :-P

Well, I doubt I will go to this place again. Highnote had a just-another-place feel to it and I did not find anything special here.

Anyways, my ratings out of 5 -
Ambience - 3
Service - 3
Presentation - 3
Taste - Cannot Comment
Drinks - 3

Value for money - 3.5 if the food was good, 3 otherwise.

Parking Tip - Valet Parking available, but be sure not to use your valet coupon.

Location - 100ft road, Indiranagar - When you are coming from Koramangala, the place is on your left and is right after 100ft restaurant an Sony showroom.


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  2. Interesting !

    Are u a pro..? It feels as if you write regular columns.!


  3. Thanks for reading, Tulika! I just write when I feel like :-)